The Start of a New Adventure

Well this is the beginning of a new adventure for us.  Ted’s first blog and Ginnie becoming a short timer at work, only a month until retirement.  The departure date to sail Firecracker to St Marys GA was scheduled for today, but due to strong winds, large seas and what would have been a very uncomfortable start to a 10 to 12 day trip, the decision was made to delay until this Thursday, when calmer winds in a better direction are fin the forecast.  Friends Joe and Mike are delivering Firecracker to St Marys GA with me, then Ginnie and I will drive down to be part of a cruisers tradition, Thanksgiving in St Marys.  The folks in town provide and cook the hams and turkeys and the cruisers bring appetizers, side dishes and deserts. Last year there were 92 boats and about 280 hungry sailors, we are looking forward to the experience.

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