“Ted come quick, look at this great boat”

Who was that woman out in the cockpit asking me to look at a boat? Couldn’t be Ginnie, she simply doesn’t look at boats. After many years of trying to get her to look at boats that I found interesting, this was too good to be true. This woman looks and sounds like Ginnie, but asking me to come up to see a boat that interests her, this had to be something special.
Sitting on anchor in Onset Harbor we noticed that the name of the boat was Lucille. After a quick search of the USCG Documentation Database we discovered that it was a Defever 45 trawler, and she was right, it is a great looking boat. We dinghied over to see if anyone was aboard but didn’t see any activity. The next morning we left early heading down Buzzards Bay for the Sakonnet River. About two hours out we were hailed on the VHF by Lucille. The owners Bill and Sandy called to tell us that they knew many Saga 43 owners and that they had sold their Sage 43 to move over to the dark side purchasing the Defever 45. We discussed our near future cruising plans and decided to meet in Block Island so they could give us a tour of Lucille.


Lucille on Buzzards Bay.