Exploring Little Farmers Cay and Great Guana Cay

Ginnie and I took our new bikes for a tour of Little Farmers Cay, we left the “Yacht Club” and headed to the airport, the road ended and we pedaled our way down the runway.  I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure a plane wasn’t trying to land.  At the end of the runway was the continuation of the road.  We continued on to see the rest of the island.  Oh we feel so mobile now.

We dinghied across the harbor to Great Guana Cay to see a fishing vessel that ran aground 11 years ago.  I couldn’t help thinking that this would make a great restoration project  Let’s see, if the Triton restoration took me three years then this one should take about 50 years.  Ginnie thinks I should forget about it, no kidding!  We found some beautiful shells that Ginnie will incorporate into her next baskets.


Wreck on Great Guana Cay


Anchor look a little small?


And it has Loran and radar.


Very old conch shells washed up on the beach behind the wreck look like a conch graveyard.


Some of the shells Ginnie found on the beach on Great Guana Cay

We met some great folks from Atlanta and Block Island that both have power boats.  Walter & Debbie on Champion, a 53’ trawler that is to die for, are from Block Island, if we were to go over to the “Dark Side” and buy a power boat something like that would be great.


Ginnie took this photo to show the George Town method of staying dry in the dinghy.  Sitting on the side tubes will most always get you wet.  This was taken just off the stern of Firecracker in Little Farmers Cay.  It was pretty calm here compared to George Town.