Green Turtle Cay to St Marys GA

Before we left Green Turtle we dinghied over to White Sound on Mother’s Day to have lunch at the Green Turtle Club where they were serving complementary conch fritters to all the moms.  It was a good move on my part to be with a mom that day.



A couple houses near the Leeward Yacht Club where we were in Black Sound.  The Abacos were so much more like the US than the Exumas.  Both were great, just quite different.

After lunch we walked over to Coco Bay, not very exciting, and then on to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.  The barrier reef that runs along the east side of the Abaco Cays is the third largest barrier reef in the world, the largest is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Any guess where the second largest reef is?  Give it a try…Answer at the end of this post.


We will miss the beautiful clear waters and beaches, but we will return next year.

Tuesday evening we decided to have our last dinner in the Bahamas on board.  We had pasta with meatballs, a nice salad and for a special treat we uncorked a wonderful bottle of wine that Ginnie’s sister Patty and her husband Tom gave us for the trip.  Dinner and the wine were fantastic.


Check out the conch horn as our centerpiece.

On Wednesday at noon, with a high tide, we left Green Turtle Cay.  We were very cautious leaving because the high tide was actually lower than when we entered.  The day we arrived the tide was 0.86 meters above datum, when we left it was only 0.82 meters.  Well surprise, surprise, we actually had more water under the keel.  The lowest we saw was 7.5′, about 13″ under our keel.  Once clear of the channel we set our route to get us out over the Little Bahama Bank and then turn north to enter the Gulf Stream and on to St Marys.  We sailed/motor sailed the 345 miles in 47 hours.


On our way home, the wind was only 5.4 knots, we were motor sailing, but doing 10.4 knots while in the Gulf Stream.

On arrival at the St Marys Inlet we turned south in the ICW for a few miles to get diesel at Florida Petroleum, then went back north and entered the St Marys River.  A short way up the river we again turned north up the North River.  Ginnie called St Marys Boat Services where we had reservations to have the boat hauled for the summer to let them know we were approaching the boat yard.  Rocky,  the owner’s son and manager of the boat yard, told us we were in sight and to take our time getting there as they were just launching another boat.  We passed that boat on the way in and as we approached we were told to drive right up and into the travel lift.  Hows that for service.  Within 50 hours of leaving Green Turtle we were hauled out and on the hard.  Talk about culture shock.  I keep thinking something is wrong, the boat isn’t moving any more.


I had to back into the travelift so we didn’t have to remove the two head stays


Looking out across the North River.

Tomorrow we rent a car locally for a few days to run errands, go to West Marine ( now that’s a long shopping list) and get the boat ready to be stored for the summer.

Answer:  Belize, if you knew the answer, congrats…now go make yourself a Dark & Stormy.