Rudder Cut Cay to George Town

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On Monday February 10th we left Rudder Cut Cay and headed to George Town.  We counted 14 boats behind us and 4 ahead of us, altogether about 25 boats anchored in Elizabeth Harbor that day.  Most boats do not anchor over near George Town but across Elizabeth Harbor in the lee of Stocking Island.  The prevailing winds during the winter are from the east and there is much better protection there.  It makes for a longer and sometimes wet dinghy ride but a much safer place to anchor.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 18th was a happy day.  After not hearing from our friends Rick and Cindy on Dark Star for a few weeks we had started to worry if they were OK.  Well no need to worry, we heard them calling us from their dinghy.  We welcomed them aboard and broke out the rum.  It was so good to see them again. 


Rick & Cindy on the right with their friends Steve & Val on Barefoot’n having a cool Sands on Volleyball Beach.

Today, Wednesday the 19th Ginnie left to go back to Connecticut to visit with Sarah, Devon and the grand kids.  She flew out of George Town to Miami and then on to JFK.  She will be back next Thursday.

Ginnie Reese Graham 2-23-2014

Ginnie with Reese (now 3 years old) and Graham

After the regatta we plan on joining the rally going to Long Island (Bahamas).  The rally is a race from George Town to Thompson Bay on Long Island. There will be tours of the island, dinners ashore, and of course a party with trophies for the race winners.  Last year there were 48 boats, this year over 50 have signed up so far.  With about 300 boats in the harbor for regatta we are hoping for even more.

This year Colleen, sailing with her mom Mary on Glass Slipper started doing a kids net at 0745 hours.  She uses the same format as the “adult” net that is broadcast every morning at 0800 hours.  She is doing an incredible job; by the way Colleen is 12 years old!  What a neat way for kids to meet and get together.