Conception Island

Conception Island is said to be a paradise within a paradise.  It is part of the Bahamas National Trust and is a sanctuary for tropical birds and green turtles.  There are no safe all weather anchorages and it is not a good place to be with the passage of a cold front.  With that in mind, we had a two day window to leave Long Island, visit Conception, and return to George Town before the passage of the next cold front.

Firecracker, Camelot and Sol Mate  (Steve and Karen, a Rhode Island couple) had a nice sail to West Bay in Conception.  We were able to explore the creek and lagoon at the south east side of the island.  This creek had numerous birds, live conch and green turtles.


Steve & Karen on Sol Mate


Keith & Rose on Camelot, BTW Camelot’s dinghy is CameLittle


Adventuring up into the creek and lagoon.

Trying to take a photo of a green turtle here is a challenge, they may be slow on land, but are like rocket ships in the water. 


Not a great shot, the turtles were skittish and fast.


A sand bar at low tide that is a perfect breeding ground for conch.

Our plan to visit Conception was perfect, a great sail there and an even better sail back to George Town.  We were able to sail from Conception all the way through the cut to our anchorage in George Town.