Moving North & West – As Slowly As Possible

 We have been having way too fun and I have not been good about keeping up with the blog.  We left Cat Island and made our way north and west to Little San Salvador.  This is the island owned by the Holland America cruise line, a day stop for their passengers.  The island manager told us that about 3600, yes 3600! passengers from the ships come to the island each day to enjoy the facilities there.  The ship’s personnel bring all the food and beverages ashore each day and by 4:00 PM in the afternoon you would never know anyone had been on the island.  All the beach cats, paddle boards, horses, beach chairs and lounges, etc, etc are put away and every bit of food and beverage brought back to the ship.  I don’t know what happens to the trash but there was NONE to be found.  Even the sand on the beaches was raked clean.

The island manager was gracious in letting cruisers explore the island after the ships leave for the day.  Our blog from last year has some photos of this island.

The next morning we left for Rock Sound at the southern end of Eleuthera.    Steve and Karen on SolMate and George and Pat on board Theodore were with us there.  We dinghied to shore to get groceries and water and the next morning we sailed to Governors’ Harbour .  Since we had seen Rock Sound last year we didn’t feel we needed to stay more than one night.


The houses look a lot like New England.