Hatchet Bay and the Bat Cave, Glass Window and Harbour Island

Governors’ Harbour is not a well protected harbor and with the weather forecast calling for another frontal passage we decided to sail up to Hatchet Bay where it is very protected from all winds.  We were there with Dark Star, Barefoot’n, Ptarmargin, SolMate, Theodore, Windward and about 10 more boats.  All of us were hiding from the high winds.


Theodore entering the cut at Hatchet Bay


Dark Star, on the right, with another fantastic Bahamian sunset.


The Hatchet Bay Gang at Da Spot, a genuine Bahamian bar & grill.


Cocktails on board Firecracker with the crews of Dark Star, Ptarmagin and Barefoot’n. Eight of us and there’s room for more.


Next night, more cocktails with Theodore and SolMate.


Cindy and Ginnie: Partners in crime.


Rick & Cindy from Dark Star.

Last year Ginnie and I decided to go to the cave a few miles north of the settlement.  As you may remember she was OK until we had to descend a steel ladder to the main section of the cave.  That was the end for Ginnie, no way, nada, not going there.  I ventured as far as I could while still having Ginnie hear me yell that I was OK.  Well fast forward to 2014 and I had Steve & Karen from SolMate as partners in crime and we spelunked our way through the entire cave.  We even found the high dome with the bats. 




Karen & Steve, Karen won the award for “Best Dressed Spelunker”


When entering the cave you see graffiti and think, what a shame, people shouldn’t be doing that.  Further in we found markings (old graffiti) from the 1800’s and thought, wow how cool is that.  Old graffiti is cool and new is not?   I guess that in another 100 years or so the new stuff may be cool as well.


George and & Pat from Theodore joined us and we rented a car to tour the northern part of Eluethra and Harbor Island.  On our way we stopped at Glass Window.  The original stone arch bridge was replaced with a man made bridge after a hurricane.  This famous bridge links North Eleuthera to the mainland of Eleuthera. It is notable because you can see the dark Atlantic meeting the aquamarine Caribbean at the thinnest part of the island.

Glass Window Eleuthera2

Below is a link to my youtube video:


Just past the North Eleuthera Airport we took the ferry to Harbour Island.  Known simply as Briland to its residents, Harbour Island, Bahamas, is often is called the Nantucket of the Caribbean. The colorfully painted New England-style architecture on the island beautifully compliments the lush palms trees, flower-lined streets and pink sand beaches. This tiny world famous (and world class) island is a vacation magnet for the rich and famous, savvy travelers and beach vacation seekers alike.


Ginnie and I with George and Pat from Theodore on the pink sand beach.

We stopped at a coffee house for three iced coffees, one muffin and two cookies and left $30 lighter-a little too world class for us.


Harbour Island is also the home of Valentines Marina, here are a few photos.


What size yacht needs a fender large enough that you could live in?


This one!

On our tour of the island we happened to stop at a beach on the side of the road and found it to be some of the best shelling this year.  Ginnie has a pile of new shells for the baskets she is making and for a wreath based on the one we saw at the museum in Long Island.


Pat and the Bahamian ladies on the ferry back from Harbour Island.