Ginnie’s Thoughts on the 6 Degrees of Separation

We are constantly amazed at the connections we find among cruisers.  In the last post Ted mentioned Barbara from First Light.  While talking to her Ted discovered that they grew up about two streets apart in Swansea, Mass and went to the same Catholic elementary school.  A few days ago while speaking to a couple who came over to see Firecracker because they love Sagas, we discovered another unique connection. While sailing up and down the East coast and working on a master’s online program, this couple needed to volunteer in a school with an ESL, a bi-lingual program.  They could not imagine being able to meet this goal.  However they were in Block Island, googled schools and discovered that they could get to a marina in New London within walking distance to a school that would meet this need.  The school was the first magnet school that I helped create while working at LEARN!!  Today we went over to talk to the owners of a boat that Ted loved.  They are from Bristol Rhode Island, owned Jamestown Distributors and we once looked at their condo when we wanted to purchase property in RI. Ted has mentioned our friends from RI on Sol Mate.  After meeting them, Ted and Karen figured out that she may have flown in Ted’s hot air balloon.  Both are checking records and pictures. Their guests mentioned that they are having a custom mahogany interior made for the pilot house on their Northern Bay down east powerboat. The boat yard they are working with in Maine is Johansen Boatworks and Max, the general manager, is the person they are working with. Max is living with my son in law’s sister!!!  I met a teacher from East Haddam who had attended numerous sessions at LEARN, a family from PA who thought I would never know New Tripoli where they lived, only to tell them that I had worked in the central office in their  school district.  Last year we met a couple from Stonington who lived a few miles from us. This happens over and over again.