Ginnie Leaves the Bahamasfor a Very Special Birthday

Monday February 4, 2013

Today there are people teaching us how to make conch horns from the local conch shells.  We were told to find a good conch shell, soak it in a solution of salt water and bleach for two days then bring it to the beach to make a horn. These horns are traditionally blown at sunset, just as the top of the sun dips below the horizon.  With 40 or 50 horns blowing in the anchorage it’s  a beautiful sound.  We were told that the Coast Guard will actually accept a conch horn as a required sound device as it can be heard for miles.


Mike & Dee making their conch horn.


My first sunset with my conch horn.

Wednesday February  6, 2013

Today Ginnie  & I hiked up to the monument above the beach and had a great view of the anchorages here on Stocking Island.


Looking out to the south from the monument.



The Monument and Monument Beach from Firecracker.

Thursday February 7, 2013

All the boats we have been waiting for have arrived in George Town except for Rob & Laurie aboard Moonshadow.   Dan & Linda arrived yesterday aboard their MacGreggor 26 Spice.  We met them in Bimini and they are hearty cruisers.  After the passage from Bimini they said that they are definitely in the market for a larger boat.

Ginnie left this morning to go home for Reese’s second birthday, she’ll be back on the 18th, leaving Oliver and me to fend for ourselves, it’s just 8:00 PM  and I miss her already.

Saturday February 9, 2013

After a few days of calm winds we are expecting the wind to increase this evening and calm down again by Wednesday.  Then on Saturday another cold front and yes, you guessed it, more wind.  Cold fronts are not cold, just windy.  This morning another cruiser noticed a water spout forming in a squall to our east, he notified everyone on channel 68 and I was able to get a photo.  The water spout never made it down to the water, but it was cool to see.


Ginnie sent me a photo of Reese with her new Exmuas t-shirt and Bimini straw purse with her name sewn in.


Happy 2nd birthday Reese!