Christmas Cove & a Sad Good-By to Friends

After leaving Camden we sailed down to Christmas Cove, a village in South Bristol ME. This was once territory of the Wawenock (or more precisely Walinakiak, meaning “People of the Bays”) Abenaki Indians, who traveled in canoes to hunt for fish, shellfish, seals and seafowl. In 1614, Captain John Smith explored the coast, and is said to have named Christmas Cove when he visited it on Christmas Day.

christmas-cove 2

An aerial view of Christmas Cove
Our next stop was to drop off our guests and friends Dan & Linda at the Orr’s Bailey Island Yacht Club. They had been cruising with us for the last two weeks. We enjoyed their company immensely and all their help in avoiding lobster pot buoys. No one on board had a chance of losing weight with Linda’s wonderful cooking. Chef Dan’s lobster cooking at Swan’s Island will remembered as a highlight.

orrs bailey yacht club
They had left their truck and kayaks in Orr’s Island so they could do some kayak camping on their return.
The bridge connecting Orr’s and Bailey Islands is quite unique. For many years, the fishermen who lived on Bailey Island wanted a bridge to connect their island with Orr’s Island, and for many years, the town of Harpswell turned down the request. But things changed when the Legislature approved a law allowing the State and the counties to participate in bridge funding, and in 1926, a contract was signed for construction of a new bridge.
The bridge design presented some unique problems because of the tides in the area. It was decided to build a crib bridge using granite slabs from nearby quarries, similar in design to a bridge that had been observed in Scotland. The granite slabs were sufficiently heavy to withstand the buffeting of wind and wave and the open cribbing or cellular construction permitted the tide to ebb and flow freely without increasing the normal tidal current to any appreciable degree. A concrete roadway was placed on top of the granite cribs.

cribstone bridge 2
After leaving the yacht club we hopped over to Dolphin Marine on Harpswell Island for a few nights.